The Importance of Blogging

Does your website need its own blog? The short answer is yes, it absolutely does. Blogs lend credibility and humanity to your business. The public has come to expect blogs to offer insight, answer questions and have a personality in an otherwise impersonal medium. Blogs are interactive, informative and, most importantly, an incredibly effective marketing […]

Do Keywords Matter?

How we search online is changing at the speed of sound and it’s our job to keep up or get left behind. Adding Meta keywords (a chain of keywords related to your content, but not incorporated into the text) are things of the past. Incorporating keywords and phrases into web copy, blog posts and social […]

Use Photo Contests to Drive Facebook Conversion

With the visual web continuing to gain popularity and mobile officially overtaking desktop, integrating compelling imagery into your social media marketing is a must. Many companies have been able to grow their social following, increase engagement and reach, and drive conversions with Facebook photo contests. Here’s how. Set Goals Determine what you want to accomplish. […]

Getting Results with Online Marketing

Download Shannon Kinney’s Slides Thank you for attending the Getting Results with Online Marketing session with BDN Maine this week. You may download a copy of Shannon Kinney’s slides [PDF] — Just fill out the information here and click Submit. Get Your Copy

Online Video for Your Business: YouTube vs. Vimeo

Online video is an effective tool for promoting your business. YouTube and Vimeo are top two video hosting services. Before choosing one, or deciding to use both, here are some of the advantages and disadvantages of each. YouTube Wins in Popularity While both YouTube and Vimeo have their positive qualities, YouTube wins in the popularity […]

Measuring the results of your Marketing Strategy

What do you want your marketing efforts to achieve? Ideally, your marketing costs will pale in comparison to what you gain from your campaigns and strategies. However, sometimes it is difficult to measure the success of your marketing techniques. Numbers that relate to revenue earned and money spent are helpful, but they may still leave […]