Why a Marketing Strategy is Important for your Business

Many small business owners have an idea what their customers want. They know their competitors and what separates them from those competitors, but most small businesses owners don’t have a ton of time to plan their marketing. There are many tools available for businesses to target customers based on their interests, buying habits, and online […]

Google Just Changed Its Mobile Website Rules

Does your website look like a mini eye chart? You are not alone. Many websites were not designed for use on a phone or tablet. As mobile phone and tablet usage increase, your business needs a mobile-friendly site. To find out if your site is considered “Mobile Friendly” by Google, use their free tool. FAST […]

4 Brands Doing Social Media Right

If you want to maximize your exposure online, a visually appealing website may no longer suffice. The Internet is flooded with new pages each day, making it difficult for existing businesses to maintain their rankings unless they go the extra mile to be heard among all the noise. That’s where social media platforms come in […]

How to Build a Great Video on a Budget

If you’re selling a branded product, you will find that incorporating video into your marketing mix will pay off for the extra effort. Virtually all the major social network platforms support video. YouTube, the grandaddy of them all, is arguably the world’s second-largest search engine (it helps to be owned by the No. 1 search […]

Google Ranking Mobile-Friendly Sites Higher Starting April 21

Local businesses are trying to figure out where to allocate their marketing dollars. As more advertising options open up online, businesses can target customers like never before. Social media provides a way to stay in touch with existing customers and build an audience, while email and search provide options to nurture and develop new relationships. […]