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Position your organization as a thought leader to your clients and prospective clients as well as frame topics and discussions with engaging content from your corporate leaders. Don’t have content available? Ask us how we can help you develop and produce compelling content.

We will write the highest quality content and promote your brand to the largest online news audience in Maine. We focus on maximizing the reach and engagement of each article.

Educate, Entertain and Engage

  • Educational content can include how-to articles, things to do and see, how stuff works articles, even recipes.
  • Entertaining content can be anything that evokes emotions ranging from laughter to tears.
  • Engaging content is anything that shows readers that your business is listening and cares about the same things they care about.

Sponsored Content Style Guide

Articles are:

  • Instructive & educational
  • Humorous
  • Inspirational & motivational
  • Historical & biographical
  • About things to do, like travel, tourism, etc.

These types of content enable stories to have a longer “shelf-life” on the Web.

Articles are not:

  • A daily news story
  • An opinion or commentary piece
  • Blatantly self-promoting
  • Slanderous toward competition
  • About a specific sales event

Approval and Review:

  • BDN Maine allows transparency into the editing process for clients by allowing them to see versions of the story from writing through editing.

Style Specifics:

Article length: 500-600 words, but it can be shorter if client would like.

Tone:  Generally, articles should not be written in first-person narrative.  Second-person narrative is OK, but third-person is preferred. The body should include attribution, directly quoted or paraphrased, on all unverifiable statements or claims from client. No specific or identifiable competitors should be mentioned.

Editing: Trained BDN Maine editors will line and copy edit for content, tone and grammar. Each article must use AP style.

Headlines:  Present tense. Must not be sensational. Avoid a company pitch. It must be accurate, and follow news style and tone. Focus on the central idea of the article rather than using a teaser-style headline. BDN Maine reserves the right to edit headlines based on audience interest.

Additional Media:  General news photo and video standards apply, including defamation, ethical and legal policies.  Images that are altered or manipulated via “Photoshop” or any other image editor are not acceptable. Company logos or other promotional materials are OK.